About The Giive Store

Giive-Luminisia-4 copyThe Giive Store is ‘socially conscious gifting’ at its best

Every purchase helps a nonprofit pursue its mission. (We also think it’s a pretty cool alternative to swapping gift cards.)

Every product or sponsorship raises awareness and donations for our partner nonprofits, and takes the guesswork out of shopping. Every nonprofit that benefits from your generosity has received the Giive Recognized Seal of Approval for performance.

The Giive Store has something for everyone. Personalize your gift(s) by choosing any nonprofit from one of our seven cause types: Activism, Animals, Arts, Community, Environment, Education and Health. Select those most meaningful to your friends and loved ones.

Gifts that represent the true nature of giving — you feel good, they feel good, and best of all, you’re making a difference in your community. It’s a win-win-big win.

Besides, crochet hats are so last season.

Inside The Giive Store you’ll find:

  • Cause sponsorships
  • Cause products
  • Nonprofit-sponsored auctions (public, private or silent)
  • Tickets to fundraisers, benefits and live events

What if your gifts could provide a service dog to a war veteran with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? Or place a homeless person back in the workforce? Maybe restore the local park as a community gathering place?

Powerful stuff, right? It all starts with you and your gift that represents true giving. And when you gift a sponsorship, both you and your recipient can follow how that gift is changing lives or landscape.

We thank you and our partner nonprofits thank you.




Hey, Nonprofits!

We’d love to feature you in The Giive Store. Sign up with Giive today and enter your available products and/or sponsorships for The Giive Store below. We’ll contact you with any questions and promotional opportunities after receiving your information.