Welcome to Giive Causes

volunteerfriends-copy3-1-400x257We’ve already compiled 11,000 of the most effective nonprofits in America, directing more than $130 billion to your favorite local causes. When you search our Causes directory you can feel good knowing that every organization included — no matter their mission — has already been vetted for its stellar performance.

When you help a Giive nonprofit you’re really helping!


How to Search for YOUR Favorite Causes

  • Either go to the Causes pulldown menu on the main toolbar or scroll down on the Home Page to the Causes menu on the lefthand side (see picture).Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 2.46.09 PM
  • Our geo-positioning feature identifies your current location and fills the List and Map with nonprofits near you.
  • Use the Causes Search boxes to narrow your results and find those that interest you most.
  • “Keyword” searches our entire directory for words that appear in either a nonprofit’s name or mission statement.
  • Use “Causes” to select from among: Activism, Animals, Arts, Community, Education, Environment or Health.
  • Get more specific with “Subcauses” (e.g. — “Domesticated Dogs”).
  • Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.15.25 PMThe “Tags” box allows you to identify exactly who or what you want to help (e.g. — “German Shepherd”).
  • With “Location”, you can type in a city name or zip code other than your current one to find nonprofits in other areas.
  • Change “Radius” to expand or contract the results returned.
  •  “Level” groups Giive Approved nonprofits by “Recognized” or “Emerging” status.

What’s so special about Giive nonprofits?

We only recognize the most impactful nonprofits within a community; those that commit at least 70 percent of charitable intake directly to the causes they champion (“Recognized”) or have filed for and received its 501(c)3 within the past 48 months and do not yet meet the 70 percent threshold (“Emerging”). We work with those nonprofits to ensure they get there.

By holding nonprofits to a higher standard, we take the guesswork out of giving for donors and volunteers.

How can our nonprofit become a Giive partner?

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 4.47.57 PMSign In or Sign Up to become a Giive Nonprofit at the top right of our website. Just register your organization’s information, upload a logo and you’re good to go.

Nonprofits must qualify as either a Giive Emerging or Giive Recognized nonprofit to be included in our Causes listings.

You can find specific criteria to be considered a Giive Approved nonprofit on our Sign-Up page.

Hey, I see our nonprofit is already in Giive’s Causes directory. How did that happen?

If your nonprofit qualifies and is located in a Giive market, it’s already been vetted by our team. Howdy, partner.

When will Giive be launching in my area?

Our goal is to serve every community within the United States as we continue to build the largest database of qualified national nonprofits. Currently, Giive serves the west coast from Seattle to San Diego, as well as New York and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

In the coming months, look for Denver, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. to be added to our Causes listings. We will continue to add major U.S. metropolitan areas until we’re serving every willing volunteer in every community in the United States.