(Bleepin') FAQs

Feeling curious?
Feeling curious?

Giive a (bleep) is a continuous online publication that urges everyone to channel their ideas into bold and meaningful actions. We shine a spotlight on all things philanthropic and provide an open forum for our readers to debate trending, cause-related issues.


We’re a forum for opinion and stories of substance related to one of our seven cause types: Activism, animals, arts, community, education, environment and health. Our work explores a diverse range of subject matter, including social injustices, cultural trends, celebrities “caught in the act of doing good”, community events and features on the awesome among us. We strive for the highest quality content to raise awareness, ignite action and inform quality of life issues in our local communities.


We encourage all of our followers to give a (bleep) and take part in the discussion, contribute a verse and share our content wherever possible. Just credit Giive a (bleep)And if you don’t, tsk tsk.


Q: What the (bleep) is Giive a (bleep)?

A: Think of the site as a modern-day soapbox where innovative ideas and differing viewpoints can be discussed freely (powdered wigs not required). Our readers are interested in a philanthropic and community minded lifestyle. We’re a storehouse for ideas. Sponsored and reader-submitted posts will be identified and do not reflect the opinions and values of Giive.


Q: What is your code of conduct?

A: Giive a (bleep) promotes a transparent and civil atmosphere for comments and users (but not abusers). We welcome and encourage everyone to voice their opinion regardless of identity, politics, ideology, religion or hairstyle, as long as those opinions are respectful and add to the conversation. It’s a safe place. Haters can be hating on plenty of other sites.

We’re not down with direct or indirect attacks, name-calling or insults. We reserve the right to remove these types of comments. Repeat offenders may be banished from the kingdom of Giiveopolis.


Q: Do I have to be a Giive member (“Giiver”) to post on Giive a (bleep)?

A: The short answer is no. The slightly less short answer is everyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute, as long as their submission meets our quality standards and code of conduct. Giivers, however, will be given preference and can link their profile directly to their post.


Q: Can I link my organization within my post?

A: Maybe. If the organization is deemed appropriate for our audience and/or meets the Giive criteria as an emerging or recognized nonprofit.


Q: Who do I contact regarding exchanging links with Giive a (bleep)?

A: To sponsor a post or buy a link advertisement, contact start@giive.org.


Q: What’s a FAQ?

A: A frequently asked question. Maybe, in some instances, a fancily adorned queen. Face-masking a quail?


Q: Will my submission be altered or edited?

A: Absolutely. We reserve the right to accept or deny any submission based on newsworthiness, as well as our criteria and standards. Accepted posts will be edited for length and quality with every attempt made to retain the author’s voice. Fear not, our sleep-deprived editorial team is strung out on strong coffee (yeah, that’s it, strong coffee). Please do not resubmit the same content. That’s just pushy.



Q: Who is editing?

A: Well, I am. Contact editor@giive.org.


Q: Who do you think you are?

A: A question a child may ask, but not a childish question.


Q: How do I make Giive a (bleep) my home page?

A: First, thank you kindly. Second, go to the “Internet Options” or “Preferences” panel in your browser, locate the section that says “Home Page” and enter http://giive.org/blog/


Q: Hey, man! I found a typo or an error.

A: Well, technically that’s not a question, so we’re even. But mistakes are made and omissions occasioned. Report any missteps in content to editor@giive.org.


Q: What types of nonprofits will be profiled on Giive a (bleep)?

A: The best! “Recognized” nonprofits channel more than 70 percent of funding to their cause and have earned the Giive Seal of Recognition for consistency. “Emerging” nonprofits are still within 48 months of the filing of their 501(c)3 and currently direct less than 70 percent of the funds to their cause.


Q: This all sounds swell, even keen. Can I advertise on Giive a (bleep)?

A: We accept advertising for projects that relate to our cause types. Contact start@giive.org.


Q: I want in. How can I contribute to Giive a (bleep)?

A: You’re so cool you made our hearts melt.

Giive a (bleep) is on a continual quest to draw talented writers, photographers, bloggers, vloggers and artists with a passion for giving back. Drop a line, ferry a query or send a message in a bottle detailing your philanthropic and volunteer interests, some original work samples (or links) and the name of your favorite dinosaur to editor@giive.org.

Share all that knowledge in your noggin’ with likeminded readers, leaders, volunteers and artists in a fun, laid-back atmosphere. We’ll welcome you and maybe even hug you if the mood strikes.

While we aren’t in a position to pay contributors (yet), we provide a unique platform to showcase your work and identify your brand with Giive. In addition to national exposure and a learning environment, there will be perks such as access to events, opportunities to interview celebrities and mover-and-shaker networking. Use your superpowers for good. Use them for Giive a (bleep).