Celebrate This: Be like Mike this Giving Day

By Katharine Romefelt

Embrace the giving spirit! Donate to a charity, do a favor for a friend or simply smile at a stranger. Today is Worldwide Giving Day and no deed is too insignificant to make an impact.

Doing something that matters will fill you with an even greater sense of satisfaction.

Mike Sorce

“Giving back to the community is important because we’re really all in this together,” said Mike Sorce in West Hollywood. “One thing that bums me out about LA is all the homeless people around here.

“I wish that I could help them out more and that there were more shelters around.”

Get in touch with your compassionate side and do something meaningful for your community. If you’re like Mike, consider donating to or volunteering for an organization like The Giving Spirit, which provides support and care packages for homeless people in the city.


Claudia’s Corner: Get Digging!

by Megan Tambio

Have you ever wanted to throw on a fedora and go find ancient artifacts like Indiana Jones?  If some good old fashion adventure sounds appealing to you, come down to the Skirball Cultural Center and check out there Dig It! exhibit! (Fedora and whip not included)

Digit!At Dig It!, families can dig and sift through sand to discover vital Jewish artifacts from the Iron Age.  Work with Skirball’s archeology team to analyze artifacts and learn about ancient culture.

Open since 1996, the Skirball Cultural Center prides itself on providing various historical and artistic exhibits about Jewish heritage.

The exhibit is open Saturdays and Sundays 10 am- 4:30 pm excluding May 24. General admission is $10, kids’ tickets (ages 2- 12) are $5.

“Our focus at the Skirball is connecting the past to the present by looking at the commonalities between people of different cultures and backgrounds,” says Kimberly Kandel, a representative of Skirball .  That’s something everyone can dig.