Have peace your way (with ketchup)

By Mikey Tittinger

Taking vigorous action to bring about social change, or activism, comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it comes wrapped in a foldable, food-grade paper burger box.


Despite getting a big, greasy fat rejection from its rival with the golden arches, Burger King is pressing on with an attempt to create a showpiece burger in harmony with other fast-food joints. All in the name of peace. The King needs its fellow jesters to help create (and market) the Peace Burger, a one-day Frankenstein merger of meat patties to honor the United Nations’ International Day of Peace (Sept. 21).


They’re spreading peace like they slather Whopper sauce.



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How can you top this?

by Mikey Tittinger

It’s been a few months since half-naked women joined Cookie Monster and Buzz Lightyear, taking pictures with Times Square tourists and asking for tips. You know, the same thing unseen people in furry masks are doing with our kids. While most New Yorkers shrug and keep walking, elected officials have their panties in a twist.


Things may change in the plaza known around the world for mass celebrations and its circus-like atmosphere. Who’s killing the party? It’s not the mostly Latin American immigrants wearing bodypaint and thongs.

Some tourists have complained, but what’s this really about?





Civil Rights


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