How do I volunteer?

Jemar Michael-CJ-96 copyJust create a personal profile and become a Giive member. It’s that easy, partner. Our interactive social platform will guide you through volunteer opportunities tailored to your interests, availability and location. Peruse the largest, qualified nonprofit database in the country and rest assured your time and efforts will have a maximum impact in your community. Members can search for volunteer opportunities by specific criteria, such as date, location, cause and type of event. You can also volunteer skilled trade, professional and virtual skills. For example, an accountant in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania can crunch numbers for nonprofits in Needmore, Texas. Volunteering is just a click away.

How can our nonprofit become a Giive partner?

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Giive recognizes only the most impactful nonprofits within a community; those that commit at least 70 percent of charitable intake directly to their causes (“Recognized Nonprofits”) or are less than two years old (“Emerging Nonprofits”). By holding nonprofits to a higher standard, we take the guesswork out of giving for donors and volunteers.

Our partner nonprofits fall under one of seven cause types: Activist, Animal, Arts, Community, Educational, Environmental, Health. Giive strives to be as all-inclusive as possible and, therefore, remains faith- and political-neutral. We work with those nonprofits that fall short of our 70-percent threshold to ensure they get there.

What services do you provide to nonprofits?

As a social enterprise for sustainable philanthropy, Giive works with both nonprofit and for-profit organizations, as well as educational institutions, to raise awareness for their causes, improve efficiency and bolster their standing within the community through informed philanthropy.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetWhether you are looking to create a nonprofit or amplify the impact of an existing one, we offer an array of business services tailored to help you achieve your goals and realize your cause’s needs. We help our partner nonprofits from start to finish: Consulting; Vision, Mission and Values development; Business Plans, Operations Management; Social Media, Human Resources; Fundraising; Events and Conventions; Volunteerism Programs; Networking and Cause Collaboration; Video Productions; Publications; and Public Relations.

Giive Community Relations helps our for-profit partners navigate the waters between the corporate world and social responsibility by offering business services in Corporate Responsibility, Cause-Related Marketing (CRM), Corporate Volunteerism (CV), Foundation Management, Consulting, Fundraising, and Event & Convention Planning.

Giive also works alongside educational institutions to raise their profile within the community. We offer services in Student Engagement; Fundraising Strategy and Events; Volunteerism; Foundation Management; and Community Education.

When will Giive be launching in my area?

Our goal is to serve every community within the United States as we continue to build the largest database of qualified national nonprofits. Currently, Giive serves the western seaboard, from Seattle to San Diego, as well as Minneapolis-St. Paul. We will continue to add major U.S. metropolitan areas until we’re serving every willing volunteer in every community in the United States.

Does Giive receive any money from nonprofits for publishing their information?

There is no charge to an organization for publishing their nonprofit profile in our directory, provided they direct 70 percent or more of their charitable intake back to the causes they champion. Giive’s primary objective is to inform members of the most impactful nonprofits within their communities. We feel it would be a conflict of interest to accept payment for their deserved exposure.

Can nonprofits advertise on the website?

Giive makes every effort to remain objective and avoid any conflicts of interest. Therefore, we do not accept advertising revenue from our Recognized and Emerging nonprofits. There will be no nonprofit-specific advertising on giive.org. All sponsorships will be provided by for-profit enterprises that make products of substance or provide services of positive significance in the community.

Can a Recognized Nonprofit be profiled in Cause-Related Marketing advertisement?

Yes. Corporations who partner with our Recognized Nonprofits can pay to advertise on giive.org and promote campaigns.

Burba Lake PlaygroundWhat is a Giive Recognized Nonprofit?

Those nonprofits that direct 70 percent or more of their charitable intake back to the causes they champion.

What is a Giive Emerging Nonprofit?

An organization that has filed a 501(c)3 within the past 48 months and directs less than 70 percent of its charitable intake to their cause. We work with these nonprofits to help them meet our Recognized Nonprofit benchmarks.

How does Giive confirm the information provided by the nonprofit?

Public nonprofits and private foundations must file a Form 990 and 990-PF, respectively, with the Internal Revenue Service on an annual basis. Nonprofits are required to list all assets, receipts, expenditures and compensation of officers. Private Foundations must include a list of grants made each year.