Celebrate This: Be like Mike this Giving Day

By Katharine Romefelt

Embrace the giving spirit! Donate to a charity, do a favor for a friend or simply smile at a stranger. Today is Worldwide Giving Day and no deed is too insignificant to make an impact.

Doing something that matters will fill you with an even greater sense of satisfaction.

Mike Sorce

“Giving back to the community is important because we’re really all in this together,” said Mike Sorce in West Hollywood. “One thing that bums me out about LA is all the homeless people around here.

“I wish that I could help them out more and that there were more shelters around.”

Get in touch with your compassionate side and do something meaningful for your community. If you’re like Mike, consider donating to or volunteering for an organization like The Giving Spirit, which provides support and care packages for homeless people in the city.

Just find a way to give back in the spirit of goodwill.

But don’t stop there. Every day this week is reason to celebrate …


National Fudge Day

Tuesday, June 16

All the most fattening and satisfying ingredients combined. Get your fudge fix at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Marina. No regrets … ever.


World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

Wednesday, June 17

Southern Cal is shriveling up! Do your part to conserve resources whenever possible. Skip that 40-minute shower.


International Sushi Day

Thursday, June 18

Sushi starts as an acquired taste but later becomes an obsession. Feed your fishy cravings at Sugarfish on 2nd Street.


World Sauntering Day

Friday, June 19

Veg out and spend the day in sweats. Have a date with Netflix or nature. Let life to slow down today.


World Productivity Day

Saturday, June 20

Make a to-do list and actually follow through with it. At least for today. I know it’s painful.


Father’s Day

Sunday, June 21

Your dad no doubt does a lot for your family. But express your appreciation with more than just golf balls. Spend some quality time with the guy.



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