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Celebrate This: Getting down with nature

By Katharine Romefelt

Do you care about your world? Well, it’s no surprise that its natural resources are dwindling at a rapid rate.  And while the risk of running out of these precious resources is reason enough to start conserving, the value of nature as a place of refuge is all the more reason to be more mindful of wasteful habits.

This Tuesday is World Nature Conservation Day, a time to take stock of Mother Earth.

“One of the saddest things about all the waste today is that we’re slowly losing more natural environments closer to cities,” said Jack Coghlan, enjoying his pre-work coffee at Pi on Sunset. “There are still plenty of more ‘natural environments’ to go to in LA, but they don’t always feel that accessible.

“I just wish that we had found ways to incorporate nature into the industrial world a bit more.”

Retreating into nature is one of the best ways to recharge and to reflect on your life.  Using less paper might not keep all the trees in your city standing, but a more thoughtful approach toward your use of paper, water, and other natural resources will help everybody in the long run.

Don’t stop there. Everyday is a reason to celebrate something …

National Creme Brulee Day
Monday, July 27
It can take a sophisticated palate to truly appreciate this refined and creamy custard. But it’s a dessert fit for kings. Savor some at The Little Door on Third.

National Lasagna Day
Wednesday, July 29
Layers upon layers of rich and gooey ingredients. Lasagna surely satisfies all cravings for comfort food. Dig into this Italian specialty at Santino’s on Lincoln.

International Day of Friendship
Thursday, July 30
Thoughtful and trustworthy friends are life’s precious gems. Take time out of the day to relish these relationships.

National Talk in an Elevator Day
Friday, July 31
Spontaneous 20-second moments are what make dull days interesting. Break that awkward silence and reach out to a stranger in the elevator.

Homemade Pie Day
Saturday, August 1
Whip up a homemade masterpiece courtesy of your friend Betty Crocker. Pie-making expertise takes time, but the product is still sure to be delicious.

International Forgiveness Day
Sunday, August 2
Grudges are unhealthy. Relieve yourself of a burden by forgiving a former foe.


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