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Every cause has its believers

By Giive staff

During this season of good vibes, young volunteers are looking to make a charitable difference in Santa Monica and communities all across the U.S. But with hundreds of nonprofits that just call our city home, competing to attract the best and brightest can seem like stringing up yet another row of holiday lights.


Enter the Giive Directory, where donors and volunteers can search through more than 11,000 nonprofits to find the one that fits them like LED icicle lights. Just because every house on the block is decorated doesn’t mean each won’t have its own cheering section. Guide them to the light that is your nonprofit by signing up with Giive, or signing in and adding all the latest information about your awesome organization!


Making a charitable difference has never been easier, for donors and volunteers alike, with Giive’s listing of vetted, highly effective nonprofits. We only serve the best of the best — those that contribute 70 percent of funding to their causes — and take the guesswork out of giving.


But donors and volunteers looking for you have to start somewhere, so our Directory lists nonprofits in one of our seven cause types: Activism, animals, arts, community, education, environment and health. Finding the cause that matters to them is easy and rewarding.


Activism nonprofits protect, improve and invest in defending civil rights; conduct research in science and public policy; and promote philanthropy and social action.


Animal nonprofits protect, defend and serve domestic and wild animals; they shelter, feed and inoculate domesticated animals; preserve wildlife habitats; and protect endangered species.


Arts nonprofits promote creative excellence and preserve cultural heritage; they ensure that artistic expression, performance and exhibition are accessible to everyone in the community.


Community nonprofits provide direct services to the underserved; they feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, care for the elderly, nurture youth and strengthen communities.


Education nonprofits foster learning for students attending everything from preschool to senior centers; they provide services to schools and make education available to everyone.


Environment nonprofits preserve and protect a community’s natural environment; they promote research, conservation and appreciation; identify a community’s needs for sustainability and celebrate progress.


Health nonprofits study diseases, treat the sick and disabled, and improve medical treatments; they raise awareness for health risks and promote accessibility of care.


So string those lights and catch the eye of the volunteers and donors that want to help a nonprofit like yours! Ensure you’re a part of the Giive Directory and have a joyous and inspired 2016.


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