Head Cheese

Failing … to make a difference

By Katharine Romefelt

You have to take risks in order to develop and change, which means you have to be OK with making a fool of yourself sometimes. On National Failures Day this Saturday, embrace the possibility of failing with open arms. Don’t let your fears paralyze you.

“I think people fear failure because it’s a big hit to their self-esteem,” said James Reese while meandering down Sunset Boulevard. “You have to let go of your ego if you want to improve yourself, because you’re inevitably going to fail a few times in the process.”

This Saturday and in the weeks to follow, adjust your attitude toward failure. Let go of the debilitating perfectionist inside.

But every day is a reason to celebrate:

National Lazy Day
Monday, Aug. 10
Binge on chips and chocolate and forget your obligations. A little laziness keeps you in balance.

Play in the Sand Day
Tuesday, Aug. 11
Head out to the natural playground by the beach! Build a castle or sink your toes into the warm sand.

National Julienne Fries Day
Wednesday, Aug. 12
Julienne fries are just the thinly sliced ones. Grab some quality crispy frites at Wurstküche in Venice.

Filet Mignon Day
Thursday, Aug. 13
Dig into a juicy filet mignon at Le Petit Café if you’re feeling extra fancy and French.

National Creamsicle Day
Friday, Aug. 14
Relive your childhood with the refreshing blend of fruity and creamy flavors in this classic treat.

National Roller Coaster Day
Sunday, Aug. 16
Venture out to the pier for a few thrills! Those rides aren’t as kid-friendly as they look.


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