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Happiness … it happens

By Katharine Romefelt

Our brains are wired to focus on the negative. Back before civilization, it was more important to know if a lion was about to chase you than to notice a beautiful sunset or the bloom of spring. But life-or-death matters are less common these days, so why dwell on aspects of your life that bring you down?

This Saturday is Happiness Happens Day! Retrain your brain by seeking out the positive things in life.

“I think you can really find happiness in the moments,” said Veronica Newlin, as she blissfully savored her pizza at Abrosia Café on Sunset. “It can be hard to lift your spirits when you’re going through a hard time, but I definitely think that happiness is a conscious choice if you try hard enough,” she added.

This Saturday, remind yourself to notice the uplifting parts of life if it’s sometimes a struggle for you. Unhappiness is for the lazy.

But every day of the week is a reason to celebrate …

National Watermelon Day

Monday, Aug. 3

Nothing like a bite of fresh watermelon on a summer’s day. Slice up and share some crisp sweetness.

National Night Out

Tuesday, Aug. 4

Give yourself a break and spend the night out with friends. The club (or wherever) is going up on a Tuesday.

Work Like a Dog Day

Wednesday, Aug. 5

You behind on something? Knocking out a nice chunk of work relieves you of stress and boosts your self worth. Keep your nose to the grindstone today.

National Root Beer Float Day

Thursday, Aug. 6

Not sure why ice cream and root beer complement each other so nicely. But there’s no denying that they do. Whip up your own float or grab one at Brian’s Shave Ice on Olympic.

Beach Party Day

Friday, Aug. 7

No better place to have a beach party than L.A. Grab your buddies and soak up some warm and soothing rays.

Book Lovers Day

Sunday, Aug. 9

This day shouldn’t be limited to “book lovers”. Convert yourself into becoming one! Have patience and enjoy a few classics.


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