ii’s on Entertainment: The magic out there

By Andrew Shane Walters

Publication of the Week

0940512548tHave you ever experienced magic . . . real magic? Were there supernatural forces at work? Or was it actually the natural world? Sometimes, the natural world appears to be richly magical. Griffith Observatory: A Celebration of its Architectural Splendor by Arnold Schwartzman captures the magical world of the Griffith Observatory that so many Los Angelenos and visitors alike relish in.

On the shelves inside Hennessey + Ingalls Art and Architecture Bookstore, Griffith Observatory is their current number-one seller, Schwartzman shares the beauty and magic of Los Angeles and its favorite and most elegant place to stargaze. This gorgeous collection celebrates Colonel Griffith J. Griffith’s dream to build an observatory on Mount Hollywood, as well as John C. Austin’s exquisite Art Deco architecture that makes up the Observatory.

Even if you have visited the breathtaking view the Observatory has to offer, you still should check out the magic that Schwartzman has captured.


Performance of the Week

4718220And since we are on the subject of magic, let’s discuss the magical world of Oz. Strut on over to Santa Monica Playhouse and check out Dorothy’s Adventures in Oz. This comedic musical depicts an older Dorothy as she decides to return to Oz. Not even Dorothy can get enough magic!

This musical is colorfully rich and entertainingly imaginative. Dorothy’s Adventures in Oz touches on the kinds magic that we at Giive enjoy most — love, friendship and family.

Dorothy is playing this weekend (Saturday at 2 pm and Sunday at 12:30 pm), but if you can’t make it don’t worry, there are plenty more opportunities. Dorothy’s Adventures in Oz will run at Santa Monica Playhouse every Saturday and Sunday from now till Sept. 27. For tickets and more, info visit santamonicaplayhouse.com.


Production of the Week

tumblr_nia7v0qAHU1tmhoieo1_1280-1024x1024Lastly, the most magical word in the English language, free. That’s right, I said it – free! Move your legs, or whatever you got to do to head down to Vidiots tonight for the FREE screening of Paul Thomas Anderson’s adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s novel Inherent Vice.

This star studded cast includes Joaquin Phoenix, Benicio Del Toro, Reese Witherspoon, Josh Brolin and Owen Wilson. The world in this film is not the beautiful or fun world seen in Dorothy’s Adventures in Oz or in Arnold Schwartzman’s Griffith Observatory. Instead, it is a gritty and dangerous world of an undercover cop surrounded by surfers, hustlers and the mysterious entity known as the Golden Fang.

For more info, visit vidiotsfoundation.org.








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