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People who need #Peeple

By Mikey Tittinger

Welcome to your paranoid nightmare.


The Internet blew up this week following a Washington Post article about Peeple, an app under development that will allow you to rate anyone you know, “whether you want them to or not.” It’s like Yelp for people. All you need is someone’s mobile phone number and voila — you can sign them up, deem their worthiness to live and tell everyone you possibly can.


Rank people personally, professionally or romantically on a one- to five-star scale (and, oh yeah, you can’t remove your own profile from the app!). How ya feel about giving out your number now, ladies?


“It’s going to change the way people learn about each other online,” said Peeple co-founder Nicole McCullough. Not to mention how they’ll rip each other a new one.


The best way to ignore this nonsense is to actually be a good person. In real life! Helping others builds self-confidence better than five-star reviews. Maybe the word volunteering sounds like eating your vegetables. Think of it as helping people and causes that need your help.


You know who aren’t getting ranked? People like the homeless in your community, the kids going to bed hungry and the patients waiting for an organ transplant.


Search the Causes directory at giive.org for nonprofits to help effect real change. That’s worth five stars every time.



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