Pet Peeves: Dreading the ‘cone of shame’

With Roxy Starfish

Yo dawg,

roxy Good to see your smiling mug again. Thanks for looking back this way to meet my friends looking for a new home. They all come to you Roxy cool pet-vetted. Props to both Giive a (bleep) and The Santa Monica Daily Press for helping spread the word. Together we’re changing lives right here and now — friendly, furry, funny lives.

But I got a peeve … We all do. Today’s has to do with that fateful trip to the vet for ‘The Big Snip’. Look, we get it. Population control is a thing and we’re not going to take matters into our own paws. We’re animals. That’s not our jam. But still, it’s pretty traumatic for us. Don’t act all surprised when you want to go to the vet for a routine check and we freak out. We need to work through some of that emotional trauma. Let us grieve and howl and chew up the antique table leg. Try to resist rewarding us with the “cone of shame”.

Remember, you were the one that started it with that whole snipping deal.

Why Giive a (bleep)? Because we’re trying to cope with being cut.

Till next time.



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mo6Moe is an adorable stuffed animal like Shih Tzu that is impossible not to want to snuggle. This 18 pound creme and light tan 7 year old sweetheart was given up due to a divorce. He is friendly with other dogs, although he prefers them to be around his size and likes children. He is quiet, calm and most enjoyable to be around. Healthy, neutered, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped, Moe is ready for his forever home.





bambi3Bambi is an adorable purse size chi about 3 months old. She is a great snuggler and super sweet. Bambi is a beautiful tan color and is about 5 pounds. She is great around other dogs and children of all sizes. Spayed, healthy, microchipped and up to date on all vaccinations.





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