Gere wants us to talk about homelessness

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A recent photo of actor and humanitarian Richard Gere went viral, liked 1.6 million times and shared more than a half a million more. The pic showed Gere unshaven and in torn clothes, and it came with a story that he’d spent a day handing out $100 bills to homeless people in New York … Well, not quite.


Gere took to his co-star Jena Malone’s Facebook page to refute the rumor. The photo was a still from the recently released movie Time Out of Mind, in which Gere plays a homeless man navigating the streets of New York and dealing with the confusing bureaucracy of social support.


Last month, Gere hosted a Q&A on Malone’s Facebook page about the impact of homelessness. Good for you, Richard. Homelessness becomes life-threatening in winter. More than half a million of our fellow Americans will be sleeping outside or in shelters this winter.


There are so many ways you can help. Food banks and homeless shelters can always use donations, but why not check out the Causes directory at giive.org and see what nonprofits could use a helping hand this winter? Remember, when you donate and volunteer, you’re not just feeding organizations … you’re feeding people.


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