Roxy’s Pet Peeves: Listen up, fake fetchers

Roxy Starfish, I presume

Hey, Dawg

Say hey to some more of my furry friends-in-need, brought to you courtesy of my furry friends at Giive a (bleep) and The Santa Monica Daily Press. So pull up a patch of frayed carpet and get to know my packmates like Honey up there. That girl can’t stop smiling and comes with a lifetime guarantee. She has two different colored eyes, like David Bowie. Maybe that’s what Ziggy Stardust was going for with his Diamond Dogs concept album. Hard to tell. I’m a dog.

Anyway, Honey Pie isn’t the only domestic animal looking for new digs, and digging new human friends. (see below)

But first, I got a peeve… You know what burns my bandana? When I see dog owners at the park pull that ol’ sleight of hand and fake a fetch throw. Oh, the stick is in your hand? You fooled your dog. A proud moment for the top of the food chain! But I dogress (sic).

Why Giive a (bleep)? Because how you treat animals says a lot about how you treat one another.

Till next time, remember to curb your dog. It’s your dooty!

~~ Roxy

* * *

 To learn more about these and all of Roxy’s animal friends-in-need, visit our Partner nonprofits’ home websites.


Visit Dawg Squad for more adoption opportunities




Rescued from the East Valley shelter, Honey’s an awesome girl who can’t wipe the smile off her face. She’s a people animal and loves kids and most other dogs when properly introduced. This sweetheart knows her commands and is great on leash. She’s a graduate of K9s Only (Congratulations!), which means she comes with a lifetime warranty! Check out her picture above. That could be you. Those could be your legs walking Honey down the street in search of adventure!



Visit Stray Cat Alliance for more adoption opportunities



Sabrina is a petite, gentle young lady. She is super sweet and has such an oh-so-quiet purr. She came to Stray Cat Alliance as a young mother with five tiny 10-day-old gorgeous kittens, and she was a very patient and attentive mom. Her babies have all found their forever homes. She is still patiently waiting for her own. Sabrina loves to head-butt for attention and still plays like a kitten herself! She is a gentle, low-key lady and is looking for a warm lap and a gentle hand to pet her and scratch her chin. She wants to be able to take a nap in a warm patch of sunshine. Just like the rest of us.




Gretel and her brother Hansel are 11 months old. We rescued them from the shelter where they sat together for months. Gretel is gorgeous, sweet and playful. Just minutes in her foster home, she was acting like she owned the place — giving everything (including the other cats) a complete inspection, claiming a cozy spot and quickly learning the sounds of meal time! She is so adorable and just wants to become your special girl.





Visit Take Me Home Rescue for more adoption opportunities


‘The Total Package’


Luna is a 3-year-old girl, an American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix looking for a home to call her own. She recently finished six weeks of obedience training (to beef up her “total package” status!) She’s current on her shots, spayed and microchipped. She’d be awesome in a home with a male dog or a low-key relaxed canine soul that isn’t too pushy. She rides well in the car and walks well on leash. She is a great dog that is gentle, very athletic and a total love bug!







This stunning, 2-year-old boy is all boxer! Zeus is a wonderful loving and goofy guy. The big guy weighs about 60 lbs. and loves a good run around a yard. Man, the boy has serious wheels when he runs. He walks well on a harness, and has the special skill of knowing hand signs … Zeus is deaf. He’ll do best in a household that has boxer experience, with a submissive female or as an only dog. He will thrive with active people who will continue with his training. Zeus is a positive-reinforcement trained dog. Looking for a loyal companion to be a source of love, learning and, yes, entertainment? Zeus is your guy.



Visit Wags and Walks for more adoption opportunities


Zoe the connoisseur








Visit Lhasa Happy Homes Rescue for more adoption opportunities









Got a pet peeve? Work with a nonprofit rescue or shelter on the Westside and want to have your animal friends as guests? Let Roxy know. It’s ruff out there for an animal on their own.




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