Roxy’s Pet Peeves: Turn the music down, peeps

With Samantha Davidson

Oh, hey there my little party animals,

roxyRoxy here! Now before I get into my peeve (which I am pretty mad about right now) I do hope that some of my buddies here have found homes with awesome humans like you. Thanks to Giive a (bleep) and The Santa Monica Daily Press, I get to help my sweet friends find homes while also giving you a piece of my mind.

So now to my peeve, and this is a big one, guys. Even though we can’t talk like you guys can, we can hear way better than you. Trust me. And we totally get that you guys sometimes want to get “turnt up,” and do that by playing loud music and dancing like fools. But can you maybe not play it so loud? I haven’t slept in like a week because my human just got the new Taylor Swift album, and seriously needs to take some “blank space” from it.

Why Give a (bleep)? Because we get annoyed too, humans, and you don’t want an annoyed dog or cat. Trust me, there is no knowing what we will do! Just kidding, we might chew your favorite shoes though if it gets bad. Fair warning.

Till next time, my furry friends.



Visit Golden Retriever Club of Greater LA Rescue for more adoption opportunities:


randallThis big sweet fellow has had quite a journey. He is one very handsome 6-year-old boy. His eyes melt your heart. He was found wandering in a field. For how long we don’t know. He was very frightened and initially he didn’t want to venture out. Golden Retriever Club volunteers rallied, as they always do, to help him feel safe and gradually his wonderful personality began to emerge. The kisses and snuggles. This gentle guy loves to be near you. All seemed perfect as a loving foster home was found. He began to trust again. Then a tragic accident, a fall, and a major setback for Randall. Broken legs, surgery and the beginning of his rehab. He has since rallied back to health and is looking for his forever family and home.

Please go to our Shamrock Circle Fund site to read more about this very special boy.



starbuckStarbuck is a 1-year-old boy who loves everyone and is playful with other dogs. We do not know how he is with cats or living with children, but when he has met children on his walks he is friendly and well-mannered. Starbuck is a healthy boy, very handsome and he rides well in the car. We are still learning more about him, but do suggest that his forever home takes him to obedience classes to help with his walking manners.





juloianneJulianne is a 12-year-old girl who still has a lot of “get up and go!” She LOVES to go for walks, has great house manners and loves everyone she meets. While she is good with other dogs, she does prefer to be a single dog in the home. She is currently in a foster home who is introducing her to all parts of town on her visits with local shop owners on the daily strolls. We hear that she is in a lot of selfie photos with folks she meets on her adventures. We’ve also heard stories of her playing soccer with a lemon.

This very sweet girl is looking for a home where she can continue her daily walks, hang out with her new owners and just be part of their lives. Oh, did we mention she loves to ride in the car, too?






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