Roxy’s Pet Peeves: Whose walk is this anyway?

With Roxy Starfish

‘Sup Dawgs,roxy

A peeve? Sure. Don’t we all have them here and there? But first, gratitude. Thanks to Giive a (bleep) and The Santa Monica Daily Press, we’ve been helping my buddies of the canine and feline persuasions find new forever homes. Because humans, like you, are generally pretty awesome. But not perfect.

Now, my peeve. What’s the deal with taking us for walks, then not letting us check stuff out? We want to sniff things, pee on things, breathe in the great outdoors beyond our usual fenced confines. Whose walk is this anyway? The tug on the leash? Yeah, we feel it, but we can’t help ourselves. Have you stuck your snout in the lawn lately? Patience, people. We’re doing what we do.

Why Give a (bleep)? Because thousands of years of evolution left you walking upright and left us wanting to smell the ground you walk on. Deal with how things worked out for you in that scenario.

Till next time, my furry friends.



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bambiBambi is an adorable purse-size chi about 3 months old. She is a great snuggler and super sweet. Bambi is a beautiful tan color and weighs about 5 pounds. She is great around other dogs and children of all sizes. Spayed, healthy, microchipped and up to date on all vaccinations.





Visit Dawg Squad for more adoption opportunities:


hugo1Hugo is a social butterfly. He wants to know what’s happening in all areas of his pint-sized life. He’s curious, agreeable and adorable. Hugo would love a home with another dog. Size doesn’t matter. He plays with little dogs and can hold his own with the big guys.

Hugo is housebroken, good on leash, gets along with cats and (OK, don’t shoot me) isn’t yappy or needy like most little dogs (Sorry, little dogs). Come meet Hugo and let him steal your heart.




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