Simmons is a rock star off stage, too

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Ask your dad if you can borrow his KISS records; the band’s bass-strumming leader, Gene Simmons, is worth some attention — and not just for wearing six-inch heels and spitting blood on stage. The guy’s a philanthropic rock star!


Earlier this month, Simmons, along with a few friends, held a fundraiser for The Children Matter — a new collaborative of Simmons, Matter and Starkey Hearing Foundation. Its mission is to improve the lives of children, at home and across the globe.


You're all right, Gene.
You’re A-OK, Gene.

It starts with food, Simmons told Giive a (bleep).


“Many kids are hungry. Matter works to not only provide food, but the healthy food they need to thrive,” Simmons said, noting the next step is medical supplies and equipment. “Our health is a gift, and when people are not well, it is simply the right thing to do to provide access to functioning hospitals that can provide care.”


The fundraiser was a night of food, music and celebrity guests out the wazoo, raising more than $3.5 million. Some of the proceeds are headed to Zambia, where Simmons feels a personal connection.


“My family and I visited and saw the potential of the people in Zambia, but we were astonished at their lack of resources to move ahead,” he said. “Starkey and Matter will bring solutions to that!”


For more information, including how to pitch in, visit The Children Matter, or help kids in your own community by searching the Causes directory at giive.org for a local nonprofit you think rocks!


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