Giive builds stronger communities through informed giving

Giive informs individuals, organizations and businesses about the most effective nonprofits in their communities. We equip our volunteers (“Giivers”) and donors with the knowledge to make discerning choices of where to offer their time and money. 

Our primary focus is to engage with a new generation of volunteers as they create a more compassionate world. We accomplish this by connecting Giivers with impactful local nonprofits through an interactive social platform that informs, educates and entertains.

Informed Giivers create personal profiles and engage with each other through Giive mixed media, live events and interactive online calendars. Together, they deploy their talents for the causes that resonate most. With the largest database of qualified local nonprofits (those committing 70 percent or more of charitable intake back to their causes), Giive recognizes those organizations that are models of transparency and effectiveness.

We partner with schools, community groups and efficient charitable organizations to empower individuals and effect social change. Giive is a one-stop resource for helping the underserved. Giivers can congregate, create schedules with friends, post updates and show off their big hearts.

Giive is the most time-effective and engaging social media for the next Best Generation. Through informed philanthropy and empowered volunteerism, Giive shapes a better world one community at a time.

What if a foundation focused solely on helping nonprofits become better?

image001Vision Statement: Strengthening the impact nonprofits’ have on their communities.

Mission Statement: To identify nonprofits with the potential to meet a significant need in the community and ensure their sustainable growth. We secure donations and award grants to those nonprofits that elevate their communities.

Purpose Statement: The Giive Foundation recognizes and applauds the passion on which nonprofits are founded, but nonprofits can’t achieve their missions through passion alone. Through grants, we empower nonprofits and prepare them for the increased demands from the communities they serve. The Giive Foundation ensures the best nonprofits’ long-term health and enable them to consistently achieve their missions.

As a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit, every contribution means a great deal to our early stage project. We are currently building the largest, qualified Nonprofit Database and Events pages. We won’t be sending our beautiful donors any expensive hoodies. We’d rather dress the underserved.